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Monday, June 1, 2020
Inbound, Company History
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Fire History






Mule Peak Fire (OR) 2005

 Blossum Complex (OR) 2005

School Fire (WA) 2005

Deer Creek Fire (OR) 2005

Little Deschutes (OR) 2006

Lake George (OR) 2006

Foster Gulch Fire (OR) 2006

GW Fire (OR) 2006

Black Crater Complex (OR) 2006

Columbia Complex (OR) 2006

School Fire (WA) 2005

Puzzle (OR)2006

Elkhorn Complex (OR) 2006

Bybee Complex (OR) 2006

Irish Springs (OR) 2007

Egley Complex (OR) 2007

Calamity Complex (OR) 2007

Battle Creek Complex (OR) 2007

Woodside Rance Fire (OR) 2007

Warm Springs Complex (OR) 2007

Old Maid Fire (ID) 2007

Murphy Camp Fire (ID) 2007

Domke Lake Fire (WA) 2007

Irish Springs Fire (ID) 2007

Harris Fire (CA) 2007

Ukonom Complex (CA) 2008

Bull #4 (CA) 2008

Signal Fire (CA) 2008

Iron Complex (CA) 2008

Silvies River Fire (OR) 2008

Wild Rivers Complex (OR) 2008

Kitson Fire (OR) 2008

Rattle Fire (OR) 2008

Lionshead Fire (OR) 2009

Boxcanyon Fire (OR) 2009

Williams Creek Fire (OR) 2009

Tumblebug Complex (OR) 2009

Oak Flat Fire (OR) 2010

Westside ABC Misc (OR) 2010

RSF July ABCD Misc (OR) 2010

2010 ABC Misc -Klamath (OR) 2010

Phoenix Fire (OR) 2010

WIF ABC Misc (OR) 2010

Boise Complex (ID) 2010

N. River Road (OR) 2011

Gumjuwac (OR) 2011

Granite Fire (OR) 2011

Dead Dog (OR) 2011

High Cascades Complex (OR) 2011

West Hills (OR) 2011

Powerline (OR) 2011

Razorback (OR) 2011

Rogue (OR) 2011

Garden Fire (OR) 2011

Steamboat Complex (OR) 2011

Rogue ABC Misc (OR) 2011

Upmqua ABC Misc (OR) 2011

Lone Mountain (OR) 2011

0621 Fire (OR) 2011

High Cascades Complex (OR) 2011

Dead Dog Fire (OR) 2011

Gumjuwac Fire (OR) 2011

Granite Fire (OR) 2011

Rogue Fire (OR) 2011

Lone Mountain Fire (OR) 2011

Garden Fire (OR) 2011

Steamboat Complex (OR) 2011

Fontenelle Fire (WY) 2012

ABCD Misc Mount Hood (OR) 2012

Lone Pine Fire (ID) 2012

Long Draw Fire (OR/NV) 2012

Miller Homestead Fire (OR) 2012

2012 RSF ACBC Misc (OR) 2012

Berry Point Fire (OR) 2012

CA No Ops (CA) 2012

Mustang Complex (ID) 2012

Homer Fire (NV) 2012

Little Pine Fire (UT) 2012

Reading Fire (CA) 2012

Pigeon Canyon Fire (AZ) 2012

Holloway Fire (OR) 2012

Waterfalls 2 Fire (OR) 2012

WIF ABC Misc Fire (OR) 2012

Ten Mile Complex (OR) 2012

Whiskey Fire (UT) 2012

Devil's Ridge Fire (OR) 2012

Chips Fire (CA) 2012

Barkley Canyon Fire (WA) 2012

Yakima Complex (WA) 2012

GPF ABC Misc Fire (WA) 2012

Bagley Fire (CA) 2012

Pole Creek Fire (OR) 2012

Eugene Prescribed Burns 2012

Finley Fire (OR) 2012

Wenatchee Complex (WA) 2012

Delgato Fire (OR) 2013

Umpqua ABCD Misc (OR) 2013

28 Mile Marker Fire (WA) 2013

Douglas Complex (OR) 2013

Whiskey River Complex (OR) 2013

RSF ABCD Misc (OR) 2013

ONC Staging (CA) 2013

Chance Fire (CA) 2013

Hough Fire (CA) 2013

ABC Misc Eldorado NF (CA) 2013

Iron Knob Fire (OR) 2013

Big Windy Fire (OR) 2013

Butler Fire (CA) 2013

Stemmitt Fire (CA) 2013

OWF ABC Misc (WA) 2013

Government Flats Fire (OR) 2013

Two Bulls Fire (OR) 2014

Bryant Fire (OR) 2014

MHF ABC Misc (OR) 2014

Howling Wolfe (OR) 2014

Moccasin Hill (OR) 2014

Gum Boot Fire (OR) 2014

Pine Creek Fire (OR) 2014

0297 Fire (OR) 2014

Bridge 99 Complex (OR) 2014

Logging Unit Fire (OR) 2014

Donny Brook Fire (OR) 2014

Shaniko Butte Fire (OR) 2014

Ochoco Complex (OR) 2014

Umpqua ABCD Misc FY14 (OR) 2014

Rye Valley Fire (OR) 2014

Bailey South Fire (OR) 2014

Ferguson Fire (OR) 2014

Waterman Complex (OR) 2014

Lava Fire (OR) 2014

Antelope Fire (OR) 2014

Broadway Fire (OR) 2014

Onion Mtn Fire (OR) 2014

UMP ABC Misc (OR) 2014

Pit 36 Fire (OR) 2014

Yellow Point Fire (OR) 2014

Deception Complex (OR) 2014

S. Cle Elum Ridge Fire (WA) 2014

Chiwaukum Creek Complex (WA) 2014

Enterprise Fire (WA) 2014

Little Bridge Creek Fire (WA) 2014

Camp Creek Complex (OR) 2014

Beaver Creek Complex (OR) 2014

Sniption Fire (OR) 2014

Devil's Elbow Complex (WA) 2014

Bear Butte II Fire (OR) 2014

Oregon Gulch (OR) 2014

Waterman Complex (OR) 2014

Alpine Fire (WA) 2014

Rye Valley Fire (OR) 2014

Murderers Ck South (OR) 2014

Pine Creek Fire (OR) 2014

Sugar Loaf Fire (OR) 2015

Corner Creek Fire (OR) 2015

Jones Canyon Fire (OR) 2015

West Fork Fire (OR) 2015

Ten Mile Canyon (OR) 2015

Frog Fire (CA) 2015

Wragg Fire (CA) 2015

Boardman Fire (CA) 2015

Stout Creek Fire (OR) 2015

Cable Crossing Fire (OR) 2015

Route Complex (CA) 2015

Fork Complex (CA) 2015

Okanogan Complex (WA) 2015

Graves Mtn Fire (WA) 2015

Cougar Creek Fire (WA) 2015

Chelan Complex (WA) 2015

North Star Complex (WA) 2015

Canyon Creek Complex (OR) 2015

County Line 2 Fire (OR) 2015

Gold Cabin Complex (WA) 2015

Wolverine Fire (WA) 2015

Rail Fire (OR) 2016

Cleveland Ridge Fire (OR) 2016

Blue Top Fire (OR) 2016

Overland Fire (NV) 2016

Salt Lake MOB (UT) 2016

Box Canyon Fire (UT) 2016

Bridger Teton Support (WY) 2016

North Shore Fire (OR) 2016

Willow Creek Preserve Rx (OR) 2016

Willamette Valley Rx (OR) 2016

Fisher Butte East Rx (OR) 2016

Fisher Butte West Rx (OR) 2016

Fir Butte Rx (OR) 2016

Royal Prariers Rx (OR) 2016

Wetland Rx (OR) 2016

Nantahala Branch Complex (NC) 2016
Branch Camp Fire (GA) 2016  
Shan Creek Fire 2017
Eagle Creek 2017
NEU Wind Complex (CA) 2017
High Cascades 2017
2017 FWF Misc Abc
Ana Fire 2017
Devil's Lake Fire 2017
Rebel Fire 2017
Staley Fire 2017
Jones Fire 2017
Chetco Bar Fire 2017
Whitewater Fire 2017
Leonard Creek Fire 2017
Delano Fire 2017
Pole Creek Fire 2017
Umpqua North Fire 2017
McKay Fire 2017
Orleans Complex 2017
Modoc July Complex 2017

Rebel Fire 2017
Minerva 5 Fire 2017
Falcoln Complex 2017
Miller Complex 2017
Milli 0843 Fire 2017
Jolly Mountain Fire 2017
North Pelican Fire 2017

Contracting History


2005 US Forest Service Engine/Tender Agreement

2005 Oregon Dept. of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement

2005 Humbolt timber stand improvement

2006 US Forest Service Engine/Tender Agreement

2006 Oregon Dept. of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement

2006 Gerber Erosion Control Project

2006 Oregon Parks Hazard Tree Falling

2006 Thinning, pruning, and stacking

2006 Scotchbroom eradication

2007 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement

2007 Oregon Dept. of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement

2008 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement

2008 Oregon Dept. of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement

2009 Apex Commerical Remodel 30,000 sq. ft.

2009 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement

 2009 US Forest Service Central Oregon Restoration Project

 2009 Eugene Manual Maintenance Project

2010 Oregon Department of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement

2010 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement

2011 Oregon Department of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement

2011 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement

2012 Oregon Department of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement

2012 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement

2012 Umpqua Bio-Char Piling Project

2012 BLM Prescribed Fire Engine Support IDIQ

2013 Oregon Dept. of Forestry Hand Crew Agreement (2 crews)

2013 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement (10 engines)

2013 BLM Prescrived Fire Engine Support Contract (IDIQ)

2014 Oregon Dept. of Forestry Hand Crew (3 crews)

2014 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement (10 Engines)

2014 BLM Prescribed Fire Engine Support Contract (IDIQ)

2015 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement (10 Engines)

2015 Oregon Department of Forestry Hand Crew (3 Crews)

2015 US Forest Service Chipper Agreement

2015 BLM Prescribed Fire Engine Support Contract (IDIQ)

2016 BLM Prscriber Fire Engine Support

2016 Oregon Department of Forestry Hand Crew (3 Crews)

2016 US Forest Service Chipper Agreement

2016 US Forest Service Water Handling Agreement (13 Engines)

2017 BLM Prescribed Fire Engine

2017 ODF Hand Crews (2 crews)

2017 Forest Service Engines (13 engines)

2018 BLM Prescribed Fire Engines

2018 Forest Service Engines (13 Engines)

2018 Hand Crews (2 Crews)


Board of Directors


Dillon Sanders - Managing Director, founder

Jerry Cargil - Chairman, since 2006

Tom Heneghan - Director, since 2005

Billy Drakeford - Director, since 2005

Russ Long - Director, since 2006



Operating Agreement



The idea of starting a contracting business was rooted in the “disabled veteran” status and contracting background of founder Dillon Sanders.  In November of 2004 a limited liability company was formed to coordinate the actions related to working in the field of wildfire management. The name chosen was the Inbound, LLC.  The broad area of starting a functional business with a focus on safety, training, and employees with a respect for the land was deemed necessary.  By July of 2005 Inbound, LLC saw its first activity as a contractor through the wildland fire interagency agreement.

Inbound, LLC is formed of experienced wildland firefighters, friends and advisors.  Our product is the people and equipment we provide to support our customers.  We endeavor to provide highly trained and physically fit professionals with well maintained equipment.  Our main market is related to forestry support activities with an emphasis in fire related projects to include:  Wildland Firefighting; Piling and Burning; Prescribed Burns; Fuels reductions; Firewise; Fire Rehabilitation and the like. 



The company will be known as Inbound.  Inbound will be represented by a Board of Directors.



This Board of Directors is established pursuant to the charter and granted authority to vote on issues pursuant to the mission of Inbound.  In cases where the BOD is deadlocked, the chairman of the board will have the tie-breaking vote.  Any member of the board can request a shareholder vote on any issue.  Shareholder votes are final and cannot be overridden except by another vote of the shareholders.



The mission of the BOD is to coordinate and advocate the activities of the working teams of the company to support objectives, promote a greater understanding of safety and training and of the best use of Mother Earth’s resources, and recommend and maintain a clear mission and product family for the company.



The BOD will include a chairman, a shareholder representative, an employee representative, and other friends and members of the company who serve at the pleasure of the shareholders.  Attempts will be made to keep the number even, not counting the chairman who is non-voting except in the event of ties.  The BOD will usually not to exceed six (6) team members.



The Chairman is authorized to convene meetings at such time and places as deemed necessary by the BOD or shareholders. It is expected that the meetings will be held to the minimum necessary to accomplish the established purposes of the BOD and working teams. The Chairman, through the BOD, has broad authority to make contracts, assign work on behalf of the BOD, and commit such resources as Inbound has available. He/she may recommend to the BOD the need for further resources and authorities as they become evident.



  • Meetings will be scheduled and agendas provided in advance to the Team members and the Group representative
  • Working teams, if any, will meet at the direction of the BOD Chairman
  • Every attempt will be made to provide food at meetings for all attendees and their families if present.  This includes   working team meetings
  • Safety meetings will be held monthly and the minutes made available to all employees in the main office


The BOD, in order to accomplish its mission, is responsible for developing a plan of action to maintain positive standing in the community. The BOD should review and approve all required corporate governance compliance issues, safety and incentive plans, and contract submissions in excess of $25,000.  



Annual reports may be either in writing or verbal and are made to the Group. It is not anticipated nor desired that formal reports be developed or submitted for outside dissemination. Accurate summary of all actions shall be taken at each meeting. The Chairman shall ensure the information on the team activities gets proper distribution after approval by the Group representative