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-Licensed Bonded and Insured
Monday, June 1, 2020
Single Resource Boss Information
Useful Links for Inbound Supervision


SDS Sheet lookup

OSHA 300 log

-Posters - Worker's compensation - Posted at each project

-Master MSPA license (shows vehicle VIN numbers that are being used on project/fire)

-Blue cards on all drivers

-Copy of farm labor contractor license

-801 forms/proof of workers comp insurance 801 Worker's Comp Claim Form  2016 Insurance Certificates


-Copy of auto insurance  2016 Insurance Certificates
Annual and New Vehicle Inspection form

MSPA Doctors Cert (good for three years)
MSPA Driver Application (Part 1 and Part 3 required )


ODF Hand Crew - Current (Two copies with all attachments are required at all times)+

2016 IFCA Agreement with Addendums 1-4


Water Handling Agreement

2016 Water Handling Agreement



Chipper Contract

2015 Chipper Agreement


Check in Protocols

Supervisor Protocols


Authorized Radio Channels (Crew Net)
    151.820 MHz
    151.880 MHz
    151.940 MHz
    154.570 MHz
    154.600 MHz

Company Policies

Harrassment/Mutual Respect

Safety and Health Program


Veterans Preference

Code of Conduct

Credit Card Usage

-Work/Rest Guidelines/Documention Requirements/Mitigation

Gear Check Out

Drug and Alcohol Policies

Safety Record Keeping

Boot Program

Firefighter Competency and Advancement Standards