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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Dillon's Blog

Spring of 2019
Posted: Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dear Loved Ones-

What a winter.  Oakridge got snowed in in February, and the whole place was shut down!  The roads in and out of Oakridge are littered with tree fall.  Please be careful when coming up to the shop for training events!

Our first RT130 is coming, March 30th.  Pack test at 0800, class begins at 1000. We have an ambitious spring training calendar, including S-131, L-280, S-212,  and numerous employees taking the S-230 and S-330 classes this year.  Please contact Ross if you are interested in additional training.

We had a very safe and productive year in 2018.  Many people were promoted and everyone got a chance to work!  We were able to add several additional Type 4 engines to our fleet, which now stands at 15 engines.  We do need ENGINE BOSSES, $500 bonus to anyone who refers an ENGINE BOSS, CREW BOSS, or SQUAD BOSS who ends up working at least 30 days with Inbound!  

I am looking foward to seeing everyone at this years RT130 and new firefighter training events.  Our training program is one of the best in the industry, thank you Ross and Ron for your dedication and love.  Our ALL HANDS days continue to set the standard, please plan on attending.  Our crew evaluations and performance continues to rank us near the top of all industry Hand Crews.  Well done!  Your hard work is what gives us our reputation as hard working, reliable and profesional contracting resources.

I appreciate you and your hard work.  We have a new website and I have a new email address Please feel free to reach out to me to rsvp or refer folks to our family.

Blessings, Dillon