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Friday, November 22, 2019
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May already!
Posted: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dear Inbound friends and family,

It is already May!  The year has been flying by.  Temperatures are into the 80s and there is no precipitation in the forecast.  We have been training and getting ready...but it seems there is still a lot to do.  We have listed one of our two hand crews as available for early dispatch and we will list the other one when we have the personnel refreshed and pack tested.

Talking to many of you, you are ready!  Your bags are packed, your boots are greased, and you have made arrangements with your loved ones to cover any responsiblities while you are away on fires.  We have enough people ready that we will be able to respond to an early season fire needs.

Some of you are not ready.  You may need the IS-700, a new requirement for all firefighters!  You may still need a refresher training (our final class is May 31 in Oakridge) or pack test (May 20 or May 31).  Maybe your CPR is expired (we are offering CPR May 22 or June 2 in Oakridge) or you haven't made arrangements to be able to leave your home for weeks on end to fight fire.  If you are not ready...NOW is the time.  Summer may have snuck up on you, like it did me.  Nonetheless, it is here!

May is an extremely busy time for us.  We will have our all hands meetings where we will cover company policies on May 24th and/or June 5th in Oakridge.  We need to take care of administrative requirements like wage agreements, E-verify, I9 and W4 forms, and make sure all of our drivers have the appropriate blue cards.  Please join me in welcoming new firefighters to the Inbound family and make sure you are checking in regularly (currently weekly) with me.  This could be a long and tough season and we will be ready!

It is a pleasure taking this journey with all of you!  Thanks, Dillon